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underwater official cover

I don’t know if it was because as a child I masturbated while hugging a large stuffed shark named ‘Sharkey’ that I decided to study Marine Biology. I don’t know if my Scottish grandfather’s tales of the Loch Ness monster made me also want to study Cryptozoology, the study of unknown species. I do know that having both these degrees, A pretty face, and large boobs got me the job as an investigator for the TV show: Beasts Below the Bay, about sea monsters in the California Bay Area. It was that job that allowed me to meet a sexy, living Sharkey.

Beasts Below the Bay was featuring the water monster of Rock Away Beach. We’d received reports of a mysterious sub-human creature seen swimming in the ocean and walking on the shore.

I met Sharkey while on a solo scuba-diving tour of the area. The underwater cameraman who was supposed to go with me got a phone call from an upset girlfriend as we were about to begin the first investigation. I decided to excuse myself and take a quick dive to look around.

The water in Rock Away Bay was full of schools of brightly colored fish and the lace-like designs of vibrant coral, which resembled a Hawaiian postcard. It didn’t seem like any place you would find a monster, but the water changed, and I found myself staring into the face of a shark.

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