Boden Einarsson

Boden Einarsson:

A Scandinavian leprechaun, he is not affiliated with any group but bounces between his allies.  He left his faerie home due to his youngest sister’s death. Boden makes his living from performing odd jobs, like rebuilding shoes, and his vault full of his precious trinkets.  This leprechaun is mischievous and teasing but honest.

Mother: Unnur Einarsson

Father: Halldor Einarsson

DOB: 949 AD

Main Series: Broken World

Designation/Job: Independent Association

Siblings: Eldest to youngest: Ragnhildur (Robyn-f), Fannar (m), Eydís (f), Sigrun (f), Alvilda (f).

Height: 7’0″

Eye Color: Golden

Hair Color: Orange/Red

Significant Other: Ria (Sort of)

Scars: Left Eyebrow

Best Friend: If Ria is significant other, Alexander Jamyz.

Worst Enemy: Elias Solberg

Weapon of Choice: Speed

Joke: Never say to leper, “Give me some skin!” Worse, do not ask them to give you head.


Here’s his Facebook page! Be sure to check out his interview as well.



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