Recommended Reading

It’s no secret that I love to read what Justin Gustainis writes. Maybe I’m biased, but that’s not likely. Generally, if I can’t read something, I won’t, and I certainly won’t endorse it.
Below are two novels that begin two of his urban fantasy investigative series: Quincy Morris Supernatural Investigation and Occult Crimes Unit Investigation. I’m in love with both series. Actually, I’m in love with everything that man writes. (Okay, maybe I am biased. He was my favorite college professor at SUNY Plattsburgh).
Here’s a writer who’s coming into her own. She’s been cranking out the books and stories, and as a fellow RPer, hitting Facebook hard. I’ve always loved reading her, and now that she’s in book form, it’s all the easier. FYI, this stuff gets steamy and quick.  Below is the cover to the first in her series, Soulshares.
I love smart girls, and the main character in Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series is exactly that: smart. But she’s savvy, too, in a geekly determined way. Since I’m a geek, and love vamps, this series hooked me into some seriously late night readings (if you can call a 7 am finishing time “night”).
This series has meant a lot to me both as a reader/writer and academically. I wrote part of an article (soon-to-be published) about teaching vampire literature in the classroom, which of course focused on two of my favorite aspects of vamps: their representations culturally and religiously. Zoey’s another smart girl, but she more relatable, and of course, she’s the special one – powerful and intuitive, plus she really cares about every part of her life (grandma’s Cherokee, mom’s humanness, and vampyre-kind’s protection). She tackles some serious teen issues and loses the reader in a fantastically rendered world.
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