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If not obvious by my lack of updates for the last two…three?…weeks of camp, the second half of the month did not go as planned. Check out my video explaining way more than I will below, plus kitties.

I failed Camp NaNo. Yup. But you know what? I tried. I made progress. Life keeps moving.

All of my excuses relate around the high number of hours I’ve been working, the two new jobs I landed, and how tired I am when I get home. Blah. Blah. Blah. I didn’t put the work in. Bottom line.

Still, I’m all right with that. Goals are fluid, but let’s look at them anyway.

Goal One: Write Every Day.

I was doing so well at this to start off with. I wrote 19 of 30 days. 

Once I realized that writing every day might not be possible, I shifted to include editing as hours spent on Wooing the Alpha. This helped me out a bit. I hit 28 of 30 days.

Goal Two: Edit Cycle Four

Bam. Totally completed this goal.

I finished my word lists and read cycle four to my mom. Yes, I read my smut out loud to my mother. We’ve gotten past the awkwardness of it. Mostly.

Goal Three: Betas

Another accomplished goal. I sent my betas cycle four and finalized all of their notes from cycle one: I had one major revision to do, but it reads solidly now, so Woot!

Goal Four: Track

Well, I once again did well for the first three weeks. I tracked my progress until April 18th. Then, nothing. I’d lost track of vlogging before then, and I was struggling to keep count of my minutes. Instead, I focused on working with the book to keep myself going.

Goal Five: Sprints!

Those first two weeks were sprint strong. Then, it became an annoyance to plan them with the way life got crazy. Like I said, it was hard to track.

Goal Six: Social Posts

Yeah, I don’t even think I started this. Unless you count YouTube and blog updates. I didn’t touch instagram, facebook, twitter, linked in, or reddit, et. al. Bad on me. Oh well. It’s not the end of the world.

Goal Seven: 125 Minutes a Day

Nope. Although I stopped tracking, I do think that I made it to 60 minutes a day on average. You know, a three hour phone call to my mom one day, and twenty minutes of writing on another. That’s still a nice accomplishment in my eyes.

Overall, I wrote 6,463 words in Wooing the Alpha. 

I’m hovering at the end of this beast: one more major section with five scenes, and two more for the falling action. And that’s it! I can’t believe it’s so close.

And for transparency sake, I’m pretty sure I’m sabotaging myself. You know, prolonging the end because I’m scared of messing up the end. If you work on big, creative projects, you might know this feeling.

My only way through it is to keep picking at it, coming back to it, and pushing myself to move forward.

That’s my goal for May. Hit this project until I make it to the end.

It’s going to happen, especially with the new job I landed. Apparently, it’ll be pretty boring there, so they encouraged me to bring my writing with me. Talk about a win!

Let me know how y’all are doing in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!