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Hello, lovelies.

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The first three days of camp went well! I hit my goals, and I have plenty enough flexibility between my goals for me to keep working.

Here are my for July’s Camp NaNoWriMo:

  • Spend ninety minutes a day on my writing.
  • Edit Cycle Seven and Eight.
  • Finish Wooing the Alpha (aka Winter).
  • Finish two Lishky shorts.
  • Write four new blurbs.
  • Write 250 or more words a day.*

*Not specifically a Camp goal, but I am working to reestablish this habit.

That’s it. It’s insane, and I will get there this month.

Not a bad list. Now, I know I’ve been hooting and hollering about how close I am to the end of Wooing the Alpha, but seriously, it is within my grasp. I’ve gotten over the hump and have killed all of the characters I needed to, snotty face included, and I have three more scenes to write.

I’m also halfway through two of my Lishky shorts, both aiming for 5,000 words. I’ve written in both of them this week, and I’m excited about my progress.

Now, those damn blurbs… I don’t know why they’re so hard to write, but they are!

So, let’s look at my final numbers:

Week One | July 1-3

Minutes Logged: 285/270

Minutes Ahead: 15 (Whoo!)

Words Written: 1,253

So, yay! I’m on the right track, and it feels good.

Let me know how your writing is going this July in the comments below, and I’ll see y’all next week for another update.