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Hello, lovelies.

Check out my writing vlog with some clips of me trying out my new meat grinder, baking for Easter, making drinks, cute kitty closeups, and my struggle against the clock and writer’s block.

I’m at the end of my book, and y’all, it’s hard to craft the right ending. Being nearly there gives me so much anxiety, but I can almost feel the relief of having draft one done.

Of course, since it’s hard to write, I’m not getting a whole lot of words in, so I’m counting my plotting time—you know, the time I sit and stare at my work even when the words don’t come, and my research into my own 940+ page book to be sure I’m being consistent.

However, with all of that finagling, I didn’t catch up from last week, and I missed out on a few minutes this week, too. Oh happy days.

So, let’s look at my final numbers:

Week One | April 4-10

Minutes Logged: 831/875

Minutes Behind: 44 (plus the 90 from last week)

Words Written: 2,596

Total Words in Manuscript: 253,709

Y’all, I can’t really be too mad at myself. The numbers don’t count as much as I want them to because I just want to finish this behemoth in any way that I can. Sitting with it every day seems to be doing the trick, so I just have to stick with it.

I’m almost to the last major plot point, a couple of pages away in fact. And I’m trying not to freak out.

No worries though, I still have massive amounts of work to do on this to finish it out, filling in some scenes, and giving myself some more space to explore the alphas that I restrained in cycle fourteen—aka, I tried to limit them too much in word count and now need to go back and beef them up a bit. Let them grow!

All right, I’m going to stop stalling and get back to work.

Let me know how your writing is going this April in the comments below, and I’ll see y’all next week for another update.