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So, I rolled the prompt to write a poem for February. Since I’m not a poet, like at all, really, I thought it might be nice to experiment and learn about some new forms.

I referenced the Master Class blog for the fifteen forms.

Here’s me struggling through it:

Since I chose a Pastoral Romance poem, let me briefly explain. This is a poem without strict form rules (rhyme, meter, etc.), and it focuses on idyllic views of nature. Think: city life bad, country life good.

Without further ado, here’s my terrible attempt at the Pastoral Romance.

Evergreens shroud the horizon

Putting miles between them

And industry’s dirt and smog.

Sweet morning dew swathes

Her bare ankles and long, sneaky

Vegetation slips up her skirts.

Bushes full of berries, plump and ripe

Leak juices along her fingers

As she loads her basket.

Tart and refreshing for him working

Sweat plastered cloth to his back

And chest as he licks his fingers clean.

Cutting trees and carving wood

Has his blood humming as red

Stained her mouth and tongue.

She gathered up her voluminous skirts

And tempted him with her pink skin,

Ripe and ready to be devoured.

Wind rustled the tall grass and

Sheep bleated as he thrusted a moan 

From low in her belly.

The sun dried her tears and

Between her thighs before

They rose back to their duties.

Herding sheep, picking fruits and nuts,

And sowing wild oats for the land

To bloom and fruit for the Fall.

Yup. That wasn’t great, but it was fun to try! If you want to join me on this poetry series, learn about poetry forms and types, and write some poems with me, please share them with me! I’d love to see what you write.