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Okay, so I’m pretty sure everyone understands that 2020 didn’t go as planned. My year didn’t either, and with that in mind, I’m going to be loose in my evaluation of my goals.

2020’s actual goals:

Write 152,500 words in various projects, like the second Lily Graves novel, Loving Them Both (the final installment in a trilogy), and seven short stories.

Edit On Time, Lily Graves 2, and those seven shorts.

Market with consistent content, Kickstarter, Bookbub, swaps, and A/B ad testing.

Build a Broken World companion, a family cookbook, freelance clients, tutoring clients, and a $40k income.

Reach bestseller status, Kickstarter success, financial freedom, and 175 pounds.

Learn twelve new recipes, web coding, my camera settings, insta stories, and how to use a saw.

Create On Time book boxes, a new desk, and a filming space.

Fitness: 1 pull up, run 5-10k, do a handstand, and increase flexibility.

Make a habit of writing every day, increasing water intake, increasing cardio, eating cleaner, work abs, and reading regularly.

Fix my home.

Yeah, that’s a lot of specifics, isn’t it? I can tell you right now, most of this didn’t happen. First, let’s see what I did accomplish.

2020’s ACTUAL accomplishments:

I wrote 246,215 words in 2020. Fiction words. This does not include all of the other things that I write regularly. Next year, I will be tracking those as well. So, I definitely hit my word count goal, although not in the projects I’d planned.

I edited and published On Time. Check!

I created consistent content on YouTube, better content on Instagram, and okay content on wordpress and facebook and emails.

I started taking notes on my Broken World companion, although it’s not much. I’ve also collected a great deal of recipes for my cookbook.

I reached Kickstarter success with our On Time campaign!

I learned twelve new recipes, one includes an amazing chocolate cake that I make weekly. 

I created and mailed 26 book boxes, unearthed a plain filming space, and built new organization for my desk.

I can hang for a full minute but no full pull up, and I’ve made greens a major part of my diet. Butter is still my greatest weakness, however.

I succeeded in my writing habits, my cardo habits, and my reading habits (over 100 books this year)!

And I got myself a better paying job with some fun people.

All in all, that’s not a bad list.

I feel like I’ve accomplished much of my intentions regardless of the projects I poured into. Lofty goals always make me push harder, so I plan to keep making them.

How did you do in 2020? What are you plans for 2021? Let me know in the comments below!