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Hello, lovelies.

Check out my silly writing vlog where I freak out about how close I am to completing not only NaNoWriMo but my manuscript as a whole. Yikes! I also pack and ship my new book boxes.

This was a good week for the words, which is odd since I had a couple of low-energy days. Or to say plainly, I’m getting tired. However, I am almost DONE with story thirteen of fourteen. Yeah.


I’m pretty sure the looming end is the only thing keeping me going, even though I have no idea what I’m doing in story fourteen.

I also had two interviews this week for a job, and that’s made me excited and is pushing me to get the words before I might not have the time to put into it.

But y’all. I am actually keeping up. I can’t believe it.

So, let’s look at my numbers so far:

Week Three | November 15-21

Words Written: 35,047

Words Ahead: 40

Words To-Be Written: 14,953

Look at that! I’m way past the hump, and if I’m being honest, I’m a bit terrified about the end of this project.

It’s so long, and it’s come together so quickly. I hope I make the right choice at the end.

As a side note: with the tired I’ve been feeling, I’ve distracted myself with some fun, like making a new reading challenge game (aka a TBR game), and it’s complicated, which I totally love. Next week, I’ll be working on my new writing challenge game.

If you didn’t know, I currently play bookopoly and writeropoly every month to challenge myself.

So with that in mind, if you have any challenges or prompts for either game, please leave them in the comments below for me so I can add them to my game. And be sure to let me know how you’re doing!