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Hello, lovelies.

This week came with its ups and downs, but I’m actually doing nano… watch me freak out a little about it in my vlog:

I had a few days where I wasn’t feeling particularly productive, so I let myself have the day on Saturday to putz around, play games, and read after I struggled to get any words out on Friday. I did, however, return to my manuscript and bang out over seventeen-hundred words.

I’m trying to listen to my body more, and when the words don’t come after some heavy work, I might be close to burning out. A headache usually confirms it. Hence the rest day.

I keep making it back to put the work in, though. It’s all about that grit at this point.

So, let’s look at my numbers so far:

Week Two | November 8-14

Words Written: 22,819

Words Behind: 519

Words To-Be Written: 27,181

With all of these words, I was able to get through story twelve of fourteen. Only two stories are left in my project, and I can’t believe it.

Unfortunately, my plotting has fallen behind, and I haven’t finished figuring out what’s going to happen between Winter and Newt. That isn’t such a good place to be in, but I have a feeling that writing Newt will help me more than the planning might.

And I also might be freaking out a little bit about story fourteen. I still don’t know who I’m going to choose or how much of that part of the story is meant to go. This terrifies me, but it shouldn’t. Afterall, I used to write entire books without a plan.

Maybe, it’s how massive this one is that scares me. I guess we’ll see.

All right, y’all, now that I’m rambling about my fears and process, it’s about time to get back to it instead of yammering about it.

Let me know how you’re doing this month in the comments below.