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Camp NaNoWriMo is over! And wow, I pushed myself so much further than I thought I could. My stretch goal of completing two and a half cycles is done. Finished. I did it. I won!

What the shit? I wish I could write like this every month, but I’ve backed off a bit more the last few days in an attempt to recover.

My brain still hurts.

I also got through my re-read of Project Graves 2, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I had there, and that it seemed like so little at 35,000 words. The best part is, I got past my writer’s block and figured out what needs to happen next. Now, I need to double check it against the new outline and continue to revise as necessary.

I’ve also started the branding and marketing plans for this series, which is super freaking exciting. If you’re interested in this wolf erotica series, and similar things, here’s my website for Autumn Lishky. I don’t typically cross-promote, but it’s my Nano Project, so we have some overlap.

I did fail, however, in most of my writer-opoly prompts, but I’m working on that for August, adding them on to my new rolls. Yay for me! I definitely beat that word count goal though.

Anyways, let’s look at the numbers!

Week One | July 26-31

Minutes Completed: 736/720

Minutes Ahead: 2

Words Written: 8,045

That brings me to 39,067/20,150

I’m halfway through Marsh, and he’s my midpoint for the series as a whole. Yikes! I need to get planning the next few bits so I can keep up the productivity.

Especially since I’m planning to have this series launch in January 2021.

Want to watch me do all the things, like making banana muffins and play with cats? Check out my camp writing vlog:


How did your July go? Let me know in the comments below!