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After the twelve-day headache, the pain finally broke, but not before a terrible, group interview. Ever go in and have an expert try to tell you about some marketing trick they don’t do for the wrong reasons? Everyone looks at you like an idiot, even though you know the guy is full of it. Yeah, that’s how my week went.

It showed in my word count and minutes tabulated. Thankfully, I had all of those minutes racked up from the last three weeks.

Anyways, let’s look at the numbers!

Week One | July 19-25

Minutes Completed: 691/840

Minutes Behind: 14

Words Written: 6,455

That brings me to 31,022/20,150

Regardless of the weaker week, I’m still almost done with cycle six, Midnight, and onto Marsh. Man, this is going so quickly! I love it.

Want to watch me do all the things, like making chocolate cake, re-reading a project, stretching, and wrangling cats? Check out my camp writing vlog:

How has your July been? Let me know in the comments below!