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Today’s #SoCS prompt is: “last call.” Talk about the enterprise (sales or service) conducted by the last phone call you received from a business you’re not associated with (i.e. your workplace), or talk about that phone conversation itself. Have fun!


This prompt, one of communicating with businesses over the phone, as reaffirmed just how much I don’t like them—phone calls.

My palms and under my arms grow sweaty. My tongue thickens and dries. I ready myself for the inevitability of my awkwardness. Sometimes, it’s not so bad, but usually, I’m tumbling over myself, barely able to understand whoever’s on the other end of the line, and prone to using words like thing and stuff instead of specific details.

You know, for someone who’s got several degrees in communication, English, and writing, I have a hell of time articulating myself orally.

That might also be why the last phone call I got from a company—Amazon, KDP more specifically—I thought they were scammers, and I hung up on them, checking my email for my preferred method of communication.

Not thirty minutes later, they emailed me to fix my problem, and I replied to apologize for my phone anxiety. It wasn’t personal.

And it wasn’t. I get anxiety talking to my family over the phone, although it’s not so bad. But give me a stranger asking me questions about my account, I feel pressure to respond faster than I can think.

Panic sets in.

I dodge the confrontational self-assessment and distract myself.




The prompt source: https://lindaghill.com/2020/01/24/the-friday-reminder-for-socs-jusjojan-2020-daily-prompt-jan-25th/