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I’ve seen one of my author friends working with these stream of consciousness posts every Saturday, and I’m finally ready to give this a try. So, through the first quarter of 2020, I’ll be writing and posting my responses to these prompts.

Shout out to Linda G. Hill for the inspiration.


#SoCS – A word with “ow” in it.

Chosen word: Marshmallow.


His mouth tasted of marshmallows, soft and sweet but firm. A little bit of fire and char mixed with the whiskey of his breath, reminding me of the campfires I’d seen in the movies and merely mimicked in the safety of my backyard, the old washing bin catching most of the embers.

A few flew into the dark blue, dancing for its freedom before their short lives blinked out in the grass. Trees hovered to protect us from the south as the moon blessed us with an easy path to the backdoor but didn’t penetrate the tent.

Bugs, bumps, and a bag of marshmallows. None of them mattered when it was time for bed.

A blister and a bag of ice. The tears from my first burn carried me to my mother’s bed.