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Y’all, last week was one hell of a busy week. I went to a craft show in Pennsylvania with my mom on the third and fourth. It was busy, but fun. I didn’t get the minutes in that I thought I would. Yet, I’m not really all that far behind.

Want to watch me as I struggle? Check out my Camp writing vlog below.

I’m really liking this minutes tracking, although it was hard to judge and keep track of at first, my prediction was right. I can catch up on them far easier than I can words, and my average per day has increased.

What I’ve noticed is the difference comes in not seeking a specific word count. When I push for 500 words a day, I allow myself the minimum effort until I hit that allotment. But when I judge my minutes, I only count them if I am activelywriting or thinking seriously about my story. That difference alone has pushed me to upwards of 1,200 words in one day.

This is a lot for me, especially given my busy life, and I’m super happy that NaNoWriMo now allows these types of goals beyond words because it is working for me.

So, here are my number so far:

Minutes Completed: 590/720

Words Written: 3,664

So, I’m behind by 130 minutes, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t so bad. That’s about a day behind, and I can catch that up without much of a problem. Just not likely while I’m in NY.

What can I say, seeing my family is more important.

I’ll be back next week with another update and another writing vlog. In the meantime, let me know how your writing goals are coming in the comments below.