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Hey, y’all. Time for a character interview with the fabulous Starr Black. She doesn’t need much in the way of introductions, so let’s just jump in.


Me: Hi, Starr. It’s wonderful to see you again.

Starr: Thanks, girl. Always fabulous to be here. You can invite me over any time.

Me: Oh, you’re delightful. Okay, let’s kick this off with one of the basics. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Starr: Gladly. I am a strong-ass female that likes to kick ass and trend set at the same time. I’m fiercely competitive but compassionate—mostly because I’m the eldest of five. Most importantly, I’m a witch with some grand-standing new wave ideas that are going to change to the world of magic. Not so importantly…I’m the heir to a prestigious lineage. And the pressure’s not what gets to me, it’s conforming to their traditions that gives me serious hives.

Me: What kind of new wave ideas are we talking about?

Starr: Well, patent pending, I weave spells into artwork. I may even be planning a graphic novel spell book, but I can’t spill too many details. All those sneaky imitators waiting to swoop in on my genius. Not happening.

Me: Smart thinking. You mentioned having younger siblings. Any pets?

Starr: Oh no. No, no, no. The twins are more than enough. We don’t need any more animals running around the house.

Me: Do you work out or are you a coach potato?

Starr: Oh, I get my yoga on. Balance and flexibility have so many health benefits. And other benefits. I’m working on my handstands.

Me: I can see balance and flexibility coming in handy with how busy you are, especially with the new add-ons to your friends list.

Starr:  Hmm, well, I don’t know how much a friend Evan is, but he’s not as bad as I thought he was before. Maybe more of an ally. Or neutral. We’ll see. But Lily has made my life so much more exciting. It’s nice to interact with someone who’s not hanging out with me to climb the social ladder or looking to steal some of my true fabulousness. Let me tell you, that’s a struggle. I don’t know. Lily’s got the whole own your awkward thing going on, and it works for her. Plus, have you seen her wonder twin guardians? An FBI agent with all sorts of pull and intimidation tactics and steeliness. And an uber smart geneticist who becomes Mr. Mom when he comes home. Have you tried his baklava? Girl. Please. Plus, they’re both total babes.

Me: I wonder how Lily would react to you calling her father and uncle babes.

Starr: She’d probably just shake her head at me. Because I only have two speeds, full and off.

Me: I can see that.

Starr: It’s more than okay to bask in my glory. It’s free until eight.

Me: What’s your plan for after high school?

Starr: Sassy Sister Sidekick Consultant with the REPpers? No, well, yes, that, but I want to teach kids how to develop their magic. Be the mentor I’d always wanted.

Me: You mentioned having an issue with conforming to traditions, does that play a role?

Starr: I think you already know the answer to that. Don’t get me wrong, my family is supportive and loving and all of that, but no one took the way I practiced seriously until I made them. Until I started teaching it to other people. But I don’t just want to teach my way. I want them to experiment until they find what’s right for them.

Me: I respect that. What’s the best way to get on your good side?

Starr: Bring your best to the table. We all have amazing things inside us. So unleash it or get the hell out of the way.

Me: Easiest way to get on your bad side?

Starr: Lie to me. About anything. It’s disrespectful.

Me: What movies do you absolutely hate?

Starr: Ugh. The Wizard of Oz.

Me: Because of the green skin, long nose, and wart?

Starr: Girl, don’t even get me started with that shit.

Me: And who is your celebrity crush?

Starr: Sam Rockwell. I just saw him in Mr. Right with Anna Kendrick. So cute. Funny. Crazy. Sexy.

Me: I’m noticing a trend here, Starr. Should I be worried?

Starr: You can, but it wouldn’t do you much good.

Me: I think it’s time to end this before we stir up any misinterpretation or accusations.

Starr: I think you might be right.

Me: Thank you, Starr, for joining me today. Help yourself to some more coffee, and I have pie on the counter.


Well, y’all, Starr may be a bit flamboyant, but I hope that doesn’t dissuade you from getting to know her better in THE GIRL WITH THE GLOWING HAIR.

Alisha Chambers.The Lily Graves Series.The Girl with the Glowing Hair.ebook