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Hey, lovelies.

I’m almost a week into Camp NaNoWriMo, and I’m already behind. 

This isn’t much of a surprise, however, as I worked a one-day show with my mother for July 4th, which meant two days to drive, set up, open, close, break down, and drive back. Disassembling the tent was a bit of a rush with the thunder and lightning threatening us the entire hour (it takes us two or more to pack up, usually).

So, I’m behind two days. Fortunately, that only means 1,300 words to make up, which I can more than do by the end of the month—and maybe even the week.

Thankfully, I pushed past a mild block to hit a bit more than my word count.

Now, with a nine-year-old over for the night, five other project vying for my attention, and another big two-day travel coming next week, I’m sure I’ll have a few more bumps. 

The only thing I can and will do is sit with the intention to write as often as possible, so that’s my plan.

How is your WIP? Let me know in the comments below.