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I am fascinated with elementals. I have one in my Broken World series, Nami, but in Lily Grave’s world, they’re a bit more than humans who can control the elements.

They often appear as clairvoyants and tricksters who love jewelry and are feared by humans, but they’re often the workers of Lady Gaia, the Earth Mother. With spirits made of raw, volatile energy, they are ageless and cycle with the earth, absorbing negativity, changing, and being reborn to do it again.

Many use divine objects created by god and work with alchemy to channel their powers.

Some are human or human hybrids. The only way for an elemental to gain a genuine soul is to marry with a human and produce offspring.

Elementalsimage.jpgAllow me to break this down with some examples.

The Pigmy or Gnome, who tend the earth through the season’s cycles. They manage energy wells, cleaning the negative imprints left by humans. Most dwell in caves and mountains.

The Undines, who guard the seas, protecting the water, control tides, and have a hand in climate. They cleanse the waters poisoned by industrial waste and pesticides, recharge electromagnetic fields and currents, and clear mankind’s emotions, like selfishness, anger, abuse, anxiety, and indulgence. They can appear as mermaids and live in the waves.

The Sylphs, who aerate life, directing air currents and the atmosphere. They nourish all living things, purify the air before it can taint the water and earth, and cleanse the mental plane, too, of hatred, racial prejudice, rebellious bigotry, resentment, pride, ambition, greed, and jealousy, etc. They are thin and ethereal, transforming gracefully in mid air as they travel great distances in a short time and often appear as butterflies.

The Salamanders, who infuse organic and inorganic life with creation fire, sustain life, and provide electricity’s flame for daily use. Without it, life would decay, corrode, and disintegrate. They hold the burden of absorbing huge conglomerates of negativity over large cities, including crime and darkness. Although they sustain life, they are often taken for granted. Most often, they appear as lizard-like creatures.


I can’t wait to explore these guys in Lily’s world as the series grows, and they may become some main players. Ooo, the ideas are swirling.


Stay tuned for more mini-ethology lessons from Lily Graves’s world and sign up for an ARC of the first in her series, GIRL WITH THE GLOWING HAIR.