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In the spirit of exploring more of Lily Grave’s world, I combined three like creatures—the Nephilim, the Demi-Demon, and the Demi-God. Essentially, demi means half-human.


First, the Nephilim. Their angelic side comes in the form of a selfless hero—large and rare with unusual traits. One can typically spot a Nephilim by their wide eyes, stiff postures, and hard-to-read expressions. They are often impassioned, cunning, and have hyper-active minds, like Lily.

This gives them an uncanny understanding of the world, life, and death.

Some Nephilim become Necromancers because of their strange connection with ghosts. Others have strong influencing energies. Lily has her mother, Lucifer’s, rare ability. Her glowing hair can make her radiant or terrifying, and she can generally make people uncomfortable by thinking too hard.

Originally, these half-angel/half-humans were seen as unholy monsters and were eradicated by God.


“Half-Demon” by Venlian

Second, the Demi-Demons. They cannot mind control, like demons but rarely, and they cannot inhabit others. They are attracted to fire and are more in-touch with their primal temptations. They are, however, manipulative and have various natural abilities, like telekinesis, elemental control, hard/tough skin, and visions, etc.

Although most Demi-Demons are larger in stature, there are no specific physical traits that help one identify a half-demon, as they range the same variance as their parents.

Some Demi-Demon creatures have their own subcategories, like the cambion, birthed from an incubus or succubus.

More than anything, a Demi-Demon craves chaos.


Finally, the Demi-God. Similar to the Nephilim, these creatures are often idolized as heroic figures. They have immense strength and power, typically come from high-ranking families and are expected to have good behavior. However, they are open to the entire range of supernatural predispositions.

They gain their powers from their parentage, like agility, invulnerability, healing, immortality, teleportation, and space-time manipulation. Yet their god-powers are fickle.

As the forgotten children, they’re prone to having an inadequacy complex. This often stems from their lack of knowledge about their parentage until they come into their own powers.

In some texts, signs of being a Demi-God might be the combination of having ADHD, Dyslexia, communicating with animals, and prophecies filled with doom—looking at you Rick Riordan.


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