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So, I still don’t have an official title for my new novel—the one I’m almost done writing, the one that is separate from my other series, the one that reeks of parody and satire.

When I started the Lily Graves Series, I was ripe with references to other paranormal high school books, tv shows, movies…Buffy, Twilight, Harry Potter…and mixed them with other fantasy, mythological, and religious references, like Snow White, Supernatural, Adam & Eve, Lucifer, and the War in Heaven.

This book is choking on lore and creatures. I’ve grouped them into thirteen general categories: Angels, Demons, Gods, Chimera, Shifters, Elementals, Fey, Ghosts, Muses, Reapers, Vampires, Witches, and The Law. They all break down further, and that’s part of the fun. Lily Graves is the new REP-agent-in-training, and she’s only fourteen. Product of Lucifer and a top-notch geneticist, she’s tasked herself with learning the intricacies of the new social hierarchy she’s been dumped into.

Cue the snark and teenage angst. Lily is witty and can throw a quip as well as she can kick her soccer ball, but she has no idea how to control the arch angel power eager to escape her. Then pair her with a power-tripping demon mentor, Adam, who’s made sarcasm and punishing students an Olympic sport. Add her two besties: the teenage version of my husband, Evan—a leather-clad, evil genius with a pet dragon and a strange sense of moral and intellectual superiority; and Starr, the glamourous Snow White whose desperate to be taken seriously as a smart young woman rather than a bombshell with breeding.

I have so many other fun characters, like Thorn—*coughs* Spike.

See, we’re all just having fun here.

Now, I should really figure out what to name this thing. I might need some help…


The Officially Almost Completed Back Cover Blurb

Lily is the daughter of Lucifer, a mother she’s never met.

When she’s laughed off the soccer field, Lily’s delivered to her FBI uncle and a new, paranormal, high school where she’ll be trained to keep other creatures in line.

Gaining few allies under the thumb of her obsessive mentor, she struggles to prove that something more is going on in their little town than the anyone wants to admit.

If you like the innocence of Twilight, the snark from Buffy, and the wit of the Lunar Chronicles, you’ll be engrossed by Alisha Costanzo’s new dark and satirical YA series.

Read Lucifer’s Daughter and fall into a world worse than hell—welcome back to high school.


As you can see at first, I was thinking Lucifer’s Daughter, but other authors have published that book in the time since I announced its name, so I’m brainstorming again…

The Amateur Sleuth


The Girl with the Glowing Hair

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