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Dear Little One,

I know that this is all a bit much. After all, I’m not even a memory to you, and although these entries will be filled with sappy reflection and gushy love, we do have some serious things to talk about.

Like your father.

There’s a lot that should be said about him, and probably more that shouldn’t, but the basic facts are…he’s the reason you’re different. Special.

You’re going to go through some changes…you’re going to learn to harness the raw energy of the universe in its purist form—fire. You’ll have the power to create and destroy. Never do either without purpose.

Here’s hoping your hormones aren’t anything like mine. The destruction I’ve caused…more on that later.

So, the balance of the universe relies on the phoenix—you. She has to save as much as she has to kill. And rebirth means chaos, close to two decades that tips toward evil, selfishness, and violence. Putting it right will be up to you. And it won’t be easy, especially since you’ll be half me, too.

Again, the hormones. Sweetie, I cannot stress this enough, keep your wits about you.

But if everything goes to plan, Mom and Dad should keep you under the radar and raise you well. I did hell all, but that wasn’t their fault. I’ve always seen the world as something to taste while you have the chance.

You’ll meet a realm of magical creatures and oddities that you’ve only dreamed of. And they will tempt you with wickedness. The worst things are guised in beauty and familiarity, and not everyone who says they’re good, or bad, are.

I wish I could offer you a list, but your father warned me against knowing them more than necessary. I only hope that a friendly face is there to help you, like he promised.

Your father and I want you to stay strong and remember that it is not enough to live safely. You have a duty to purify the world without consuming it.

Neither of us know how you will be able to do this. Just that you must.

I wish I had happier things to say. For now, know that I love you.

Your Proud Momma,