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Hello, lovelies!

It’s a special day. My newest book in the Broken World series is live on Amazon, on Barnes & Noble, on Kobo, and on the Transmundane Press store!

If you don’t know the Blood Phoenix thread featuring vampire-phoenix-rebel-brat, Ria, the first book is on sale for 99 cents until the end of the day. Jump into my world.

I love Ria’s story so much because I have these little life stories hidden within the pages. Part of Ria is me, as I’ve alluded to in relation to Ari, but a good part of her isn’t me.

Let me share one of these connections. I’ve always been told that I have one of those faces…

“I wanted to get something off my chest. And you’ve just got…one of those faces. Like I can trust you to keep a secret. Ya know?”

I nodded. I’d been playing with the thought that my phoenix made me this way. Others confided in me so easily. Emily Baxter, the most popular girl in school, used to talk to me in gym class about her older brother. He came out to her family, and their parents blew up, sending him off to a straight camp. I don’t know why she trusted me to give her advice, especially since I was only sixteen, but Emily often felt better after our talks even when she’d start off so distressed.

That is until he hanged himself in their backyard.

Then we stopped talking.

“I did something bad, red. Really bad. But I didn’t have a choice.”

I’ve had some serious conversations with near strangers. Once, while waiting for my car’s oil change, the owner of the shop asked me a question or two, and before he knew it, he was telling me about his problems—all of which had come to a head around that moment.

After he’d gotten his troubles off his chest, he blushed and dropped his head, telling me he didn’t mean to do that. I just had one of those faces.

Like Ria, I wonder if my past makes me accessible to people. When I was young, I learned to navigate as a sounding board for other’s frustrations and emotions. I’m open to it; I relate to it; and I do my best not to judge. It’s the primary reason I studied communications as an undergrad. I tend to understand what others need from our interaction and why they’re telling me the stories they are.

Sometimes, I think I know people better than a lot of the people in their lives because of this. Many say I have an old soul. Others, like Ria, call it intuition. Whatever it is, I take pride in it.

Do you have one of those faces or an experience similar to this? Let me know in the comments!

And now, enjoy some beautiful teasers from my new book, Blood Phoenix: Imprinted, and remember to check out my book trailer on YouTube.