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Key & Peele – Dance Show

One of my favorite skits from this duo (not my top, but still, it’s funny). It came up while Iw as watching The Voice UK and listening to the sob stories they elicit from the contestants to appeal to their audiences (not me, I don’t vote). In any case, it will make you giggle.


Targeting the Inner Thighs | The THIGH Gap | Operation Booty 3

I’ve noticed that a lot of my history shows workouts and videos from this young woman. In order to list some variety here, I got picky (as I should), but there has been a lot of talk about the thigh gap. Whether considered controversial or not, I do like this athletes take on it, her explanation: it’s healthy and it’s smart. I hope her young fans listen to her.


Our worst enemy ~ Frannerd

You’ve probably seen this young woman on my YouTube lists before. I feel akin to her in so many ways. She may be talking to illustrators, but her message reaches beyond the boundaries of her art to speak about all art forms. Artists can be their own worst enemies, even the ones who have household names.


Spaceboy part 2 || Digital Painting || Space

If you follow me on Pinterest (or have known me for any significant span of time), you’ll know that I love art. I used to be an art major before I went to college, where I started as a Photography major, before falling into more so-called serious majors and ended with English. I wish I could draw like this (on paper or Photoshop), but sadly, I am limited to realistic drawings in charcoal or pencil and adult coloring books with my fancy, expensive color pencils. (Don’t be fooled, I color like a professional, so be impressed.) In any case, this young lady is fantastic.


Building An Underground Oven

So, I have this thing about the apocalypse (generalized between my husband and I as merely “zombies”). I love watching Lilly build camp sites and necessities in hopes that someday, should I need these skills, I can recall some of what I’ve seen her do. She’s fantastic. And since I’m a cook, an oven would be a good idea because, you know, I like eating…


Hedley – Kiss You Inside Out

I clicked on this video by mistake, and once it started and I saw the lead singer with his tattoos and piercings, I thought to myself: Self, this is going to be some grungy rock music that you don’t particularly like. But it wasn’t, and I need to check my prejudices at the door. This song is fucking lovely. (By the way, I super love men—and women—with tattoos and piercings. After all, I have both as does my husband. I had a moment of weakness. Forgive me).


“We All Have The Same 24 Hours” Momfessions with Rachel Hollis

Disclaimer, I am not a mom—at least not a full-time one. But I do have a lot of projects, and I am overwhelmed with work during the school year (because grading papers is fucking hard. So fucking hard. I really can’t stress this enough. My brain wants to melt and escape out of my ear and go eat pasta in Italy every time I sit down to grade papers). But Rachel’s message is as motivating as it is short and simple. If you want the time to fulfill your dreams, you have to make the time for it. Only you can do that.


“A Promise” Richard Madden Hot Scene

So this is a little different from the other videos on her because it’s a sexy clip from a movie I’ve watched this month. And I may have watched this scene a few more times than I’m comfortable admitting. But seriously y’all. This is HOT. And since I like hot, steamy fiction, it made my list. Go grab an extra pair of panties and enjoy!


Palmoa Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Official Video)

I don’t know what it is about this song, but I love it. Obviously, I’ve been watching The Voice UK, like I mentioned above, and Palmoa is a new judge on the show. And although this woman is SO talented, I rather hated her on the show. Maybe it was when she put her head down and snored while Boy George was talking, and that rudeness just wouldn’t let me. But however I feel about her and her behavior as a judge on a reality show (which doesn’t mean much to me in the grand scheme of life), she’s got talent. I like the song. And that shift from her chest voice to her head voice is crazy!


Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems…palsy is just one

I laugh every time I watch this Ted Talk. This last year, I had two students with palsy. They were both quite hilarious young men. Both smart, both quick, both sociable. Maysoon is all of these as well. All three of them make excellent points about having to work harder to be normal, to be seen, and to be equal. I love this talk.


Those are my top ten for the month.

Do you have favorites that you think I’d like? Share them with me! ❤