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March has been full of music, recipes, and bullet journaling…and well, you know, writing, too. Lots of that. This fact makes me happy. So here’s my odd amalgamation of YouTube videos.

NASA Space Sounds

I have a penchant for space stuff. Super Earths, other solar systems, galaxies and black holes, and how immense the universe is.


DNCE – Toothbrush (Audio)

I love listening to this song as I write. I get to bopping.


Halsey – Colors

I love the story of this music video. Love the older man, who used to be on a day-time soap opera. Yummy. Plus, I adore her voice.


Tiny Art show Final || Witches

These are super cool and super cute. I wish I could draw like this. Practice makes perfect, right?


What I Eat In A Day | Banana Smoothies + Homemade Chai Tea

I love Sarah and her views on life, food, health, and hormones.

As a side note, I make this smoothie. Every Day. I put the ice in first, use cow’s milk or coconut milk, both taste good (1 cup). And I add peanut butter. Other than that, I follow her recipe. It tastes like chocolate pudding. Sometimes I put in two bananas and a whole avocado for a creamier, more filling, but higher calorie meal. Mmm. Also, sometimes I put in the macha powder, sometimes not. Both taste good.


Quiche Cupcakes Recipe ft. Donal Skehan

I love SORTEDfood. I’ve binge-watched so many of their videos this month. I also love Donal Skehan. Two-for-one. I just tried this one, and oh my shit are they amazing.


Bullet Journal Flip Through

I started my bullet journal on the sixth this month, and I am obsessed. I love lists and doodling and quotes and tracking stuff and this is the perfect journal method for me because it’s completely customizable. It might take up a bit of my time, but it’s enjoyable. I might post pictures of mine next month. I have a cute little frog. We’ll see.


What it’s like to have a Deformity…. A Discussion on Difference | Ep. 2: StupidQuestionsWithLeena

I found this both entertaining and informative. These two made me laugh, and at the same time, I checked some of my privilege (now PC Principal is stuck in my head.) Especially since I tend to compliment people, and it’s not always taken well.


Tiny Boesner haul and can we just please talk about paper? ~Frannerd

I love Fran. I feel like we’re equally nerdy about our own passions, but we certainly both love paper…and coffee…and making faces. Look at that sexy spine!


Midori – Weekly Update –WEEK 30

This is another type of bullet journaling system. She has more doodles and decorations and a more condensed tracking method, but it generates ideas.

And as a side note, just a reminder that DISTORTED is on sale for 1.99 until Friday. Grab your copy now.