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The Benefits of Being Weird:

I love this one’s attitude and vulgarity. Embrace your weird, weirdo.


How to make KFC: Korean Fried Chicken!

This just looks amazing. I’ve been watching a lot of food porn lately (recipes videos), and I want to try this one badly.


Sea Cookies and Eat Them!

I love the way she stylized these sea creatures and the edible pearls.


My Top 10 Secrets to Achieving your Dream (body)

I’ve shared her videos before, and I still love her. Awesome life advice.


DIY Greenhouse Fabric & Film Fastener, No Clips or Wiggle Wire:

I’ve been thinking about building a greenhouse to stave off the harsh Oklahoma sun this summer. Good tips.


Sexercise: Vaguely Sexual Partner Workouts:

Kym always makes me laugh. These are great. I love their commentary.


Bigger Butt Exercise Results (Before & After Squats):

Just as a disclaimer, I LOVE squats. They make me more stable, and I feel stronger. But his view on these before and after pictures are funnier than shit.


Cover for Break || Graphic Novel || Comic:

I wish I’d stuck with drawing as much as I have with writing, but cartoons were never my strong suit. I love her style.


Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself:

The song is new and popular and repetitive, but that one little line made me addicted. I have to listen every time it’s on the radio.


Common Mistakes of Drawing Breasts:

(*Contains Nudity*)

Yes. I’m the pervert who clicked on the breasts video. The sense of humor is pun-heavy, but funny enough. He makes good points, especially with the art I’ve seen in cartooning of women and a reality-check is always a good thing. It means change.


There you have it, my top ten this month. It’s a little less rounded than normal, but hey, I’ve been busy, and I can get in video ruts, too, you know.

Comment with your favorite youtube videos and help me expand my horizons! ❤