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I write a lot of stories simultaneously. Many writers that I know say that this is crazy. Some others do the same. But with the number of books and stories on my to-do list, this seems to be the only way.

Don’t get me wrong, I tend to focus on one LONG work at a time because, otherwise, I’d never finish anything, but currently, my plots overlap quite a bit, which leans me toward shorter works, splitting up long stories, so that characters’ arcs don’t get jumbled or left out.

And that’s what “The Rainbow Sprite” does. Just as “Untamed,” (Mark and Ari’s first story) I felt it necessary to introduce hidden tensions within my major series. You know, the one that features Ria and her on-going struggles as a vampire/phoenix mix.

It seems that I’ve taken a liking to the serial nature of stories so that every one influences another…like in real life. And I like how it’s worked out for me so far.

So here’s what I’ve discovered. After writing about Vincent and his water sprite, he’s evolved as a character in BLOOD PHOENIX: IMPRINTED (which is also 4,000 words away from being finished. I’m behind. Yeah, I don’t know why either. I’ll get my ass in gear. Promise).

In fact, there’s one scene where Ria pulls a memory of her from him. It freaks him out to put it mildly.

It would me, too, if I had their queen breathing up all my free air. (One of my BIG pet peeves by the way. Don’t breathe my air).

Is the influence gigantic? Not really. Not yet at least, but it will be in book four (BLOOD PHOENIX: INFERNO—not started yet. What do you think I am, a machine?)

Any-what’s-it. There you have it. My world is way too complicated to fit it all in one character’s perspective. Serials will be the way I remedy that until I can find the place where their full stories sit.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks from UNDERWATER, a video of me reading from “The Rainbow Sprite,” some teasers, and an uber inappropriate release day post.

Meet Vincent and Nani:

They’re my lovely main characters for “The Rainbow Sprite.” (Don’t mind Vincent, he has a tendency to go nude).