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Today in class, I wore my pancho of a sweater with these wings. Flapping them in front of my kids, I tell them it reminds me of a manatee…

Let that sink in.

Oops. What I meant is manta ray.

Yeah. Sometimes, words are hard.

Oh well.

2016 continues on the way 2015 did. So I let it go. What’s the point in taking myself too seriously? Life’s too short for that. And I have too much to do, like edit a new 500+ page novel, read and accept a butt load of short stories for my AHEA anthology, and of course, I’m getting ready for the UNDERWATER anthology to come out on February 29th.

Onto the videos.

Survival Lilly: My SUPER Shelter Completed:

This shelter looks like the type of shit I need to learn how to build. If you don’t know this about me, one of my biggest fears is the zombie apocalypse (which in my house is code for any phenomenon that undoes our modern lifestyle). She’s got good tutorials on how to survive outside.

Plus you get to see her pup rolling around in leaves and dirt.


Sarahs Day: Eat on Low Carb Day | Grocery Haul | Body Update:

One, the salad in this video looks amaze-balls (to quote Cartman). I’ve watched all of this chica’s videos. There’s something so genuine about her that makes me want to watch shat she eats in a day. Bizarre, right?

I love her views on food, fitness, and life.


Hard Spell Justin Gustainis Book Trailer:

Looking at book trailers to imitate (because that’s one way to learn an unfamiliar art form. Haters.), I found my favorite former professor and a trailer for his amazing satirical-urban-fantasy-crime noveling. Simple design, awesome voice, clean hook.

Besides, the book was rather awesome, too. I pity you for not having this man teach your class. That’s all I’m saying.


Dramatic Readings by Kiera Cass | The Selection Series:

I want to do one of these.

My husband told me no.

Still…what do you think?


DRUNK YOGA with Ali Spagnola – Hip Openers:

KymNonStop is one of my favorite fitness personalities. This is how I feel when I do yoga generally. I’m getting better at it, but yeah, this me doing yoga. Pretty much.

Put your zen hand up.


Laggies Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Keira Knightly, Chloe Grace Moretz Movie HD:

I adored this movie. It sums the movie up pretty well. This is adulthood, and welcome to it. Be true to yourself not others’ ideas on what you need in your life.


Justin Bieber – Sorry (PURPOSE: The Movement):

Hell has frozen over. Justin Bieber has a song I like. Three actually. Granted, he probably doesn’t write them himself, so I don’t feel awful admitting to this guilty pop pleasure.

Still, my toes are frostbitten.

What I like about this video is the dancing and the odd melodies in the chorus. Fun song. Fun video. Talented girls. What’s more to say?



Super simple and easy recipe for a “proper, manly pie.” I love the sense of humor these guys have and how fast they freaking talk. I want to make this recipe. I haven’t yet, but I will. “Trust me,” as the man with the rue says.

This is NOT human flesh. It’s the flesh of a pig.


Booty Pop // PIIT:

I love love love this girl. Not only do her workouts kick my ass, but she’s always upbeat, and she’s honest about her flaws. Even role models struggle with their images. Either way, this workout had me wobbling. The struggle is my thing in a workout. If I’m not struggling, I’m not working hard enough. Rock this one. It’s short.


Simon Sinek – Start with Why – TED Talk Short Edited:

I love learning stuff, especially when I can apply it right away. This works for my business, for my writing, for my teaching methods, and for how to analyze properly.

I’ll be implementing this guys’ ideas across my brands soon. Will you?


Bonus Video:

Once I had my list together, this one popped up on my history, and frankly, I couldn’t deny the impact this video had on my 2016. I love Harry Potter, I love Severus Snape, and I love Alan Rickman. This video gave me the feels – the serious feels.

Severus Snape | Important Scenes in Chronological Order

Thanks for reading, and check out my on-going UNDERWATER giveaway.