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So I’ve gone back and watched each of these again, and I’ve realized how weird my YouTube history is and, also, how awesome it is. At least I know what I like, right? But the further I got on my list, the weirder it got, and then I realized the kids use my account on the iPad. Those two are some strange little shits.

I’ve got some new DIY stuff because I love to explore and experiment making things to understand how much work goes into products I typically buy. (I’m struggling with my gummy bears and making them less of the jello-consistency, and I plan to make cookie boxes for my Christmas presents, and I want to make my own notebook this winter break with cover included. We’ll see how that turns out.)

I’m also absolutely in love with Lisa Marie from BodyRock. She’s a NINJA! I find her videos motivating even though I can’t do a third of the exercises she can do. But my goal is to be able complete one of her workouts with her. I’m currently going through the PiYo program and love Chalene Johnson, too. Eight pounds lost in counting, but I’m super strong now, and that’s even better. (Plus sleep and general better feeling throughout the day.)

Of course, I included one of my favorite TedTalks because I’m that naughty word (feminist), and I don’t believe in make up, dressing like a girl, talking like a girl, or any of the negative connotations that come with being feminine. Yet, I’m still obviously a female in my jeans and blouses, my bare feet and long hippie hair, in the way I talk about my husband and love to bake for the people I love.

I’ve got some other interesting stuff in the mix here, too. Definitely check out the Hellsing Ultimate video. I’ve referenced this parody a few times in Blood Phoenix: Claimed. It’s super funny for vampire lovers.

In any case, these are all awesome. And now I’m back off to my micro-art moments.


Steampunk Mixed Media Journal Cover Tutorial:


Halsey – New Americana


Social Repose – Island of Yours (Music video)


How to Make Healthy Gummy Bears


Cookie Box


Flight Safety – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


BodyRock HiitMax | Workout 1 –Full Body Skipping


TFS Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 1


The Crack! – CHRISTMAS (feat. Sam Pepper)


The lady stripped bare | Tracey Spicer | TEDxSouthBankWomen


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