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Hey, sweeties! I’m in awfully good frame of mind. Papers are graded! For today, anyways. I got my new newsletter out for November, a new Did You Know post about Icelandic Christmas Monsters, and I’ve been writing again!

It happens in little bits at a time when I’m teaching, so I get excited over a couple hundred of stolen words in a fifteen minute sitting. Micro-art-moments. Hey, maybe I can coin that. Has anyone called it that before? Well, if not, DIBS!

Any-whats-it. I have videos! I must say, I’ve been watching a lot more art and workouts than I ever have before. I have been dreaming of change lately. They go hand-in-hand…at least in my brain. But I also have some music and comedy and a TED Talk! Always love my TED Talks.

I have a really pretty pairing of an intricate art project and the song that inspired it. They really remind me of my lovelies from Loving Red. I hope you watch them together.


There they are. I like this format better than numbering them, since I don’t rank them.

Thanks for reading! ❤