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Hey, y’all. So, I liked making my top ten list last month, so I thought I’d make another one. I seem to find a slew of varied videos, and I like how my list looks. Most of these I’ve watched more than once, and in some cases, more than a hundred times.

You might notice that I like to include TedTalks, cartoons, drawing, comedy, and food along with my music. This month, I watched a weblog series remake of Emma by Jane Austen, so I have a casting video in here, too. (I know. I’m a weirdo. Deal with it.)

There’s also a dance video in here, and it reminds me of an upcoming character, Lawson (both with his moves and his general look).

In any case, enjoy!

  1. Robyn: “Hang with me.”
  2. JustSomeMotion (JSM)-Parov Stelar-All Night #neoswing
  3. Digital Art in Watercolor – Gyoushi by KR0NPR1NZ
  4. Darcy Oake’s jaw-dropping dove illusions Britain’s Got Talent 2014
  5. Cyanide & Happiness – The Beard
  6. Homemade Ice Cream (No Machine) with only 2 Ingredients – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep. 21
  7. Ze Frank web playroom
  8. Busta Rhymes: “Dangerous.”
  9. Joanna Sotomura & Brent Bailey Unscripted w/ James Brent Isaacs – Emma Approved
  10. Batman Meets Two-Face

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