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I’m gearing up for release day! And although I’ve been pushing LOVING RED pretty hard on social media, reviewers, and blog posts, I thought it was time to give you a glimpse into the other story coming out with the novel, “Untamed.”

If you’re familiar with Ria’s story from the BLOOD PHOENIX novels, you know her best friend, Ari is a sassy, kick-ass human sidekick who totally deserves her own story. And she’s got one…sort of.

Well, she’s got the first part of one.

“Untamed” is part one of her full journey into the manic world of vampires and shifters.

So, without further ado, let’s the awkwardness commence!

Excerpt from Chapter Four:

The apartment got smaller the more times Ari paced through it. She’d never spent much time at home—any home. Boredom bounced her off the walls, even with her daily excursions to Chris and Ollie’s for dinner or a group hangout at Brad and Mark’s—sans Mark most of the time.

He was far too awkward for such a gorgeous pack of hunk meat.

Turned out to be plenty of those roaming around this compound, or maybe the itch had started, and everyone merely looked good to her.

But Mark switched on her inelegance. Flimsy and faulty, she needed to get that shit checked out by a professional. It screamed eighth grade all over again, and she refused to cope with that.

Banging around the place a few more times sent Ari out the door. Maybe she could borrow a few books from Brad or something. God, she despised the boredom. And the longer she stayed in the apartment, the more likely Felix would appear.

She knocked and waited, twisting the longest pieces of her hair around her finger. Unable to keep still, her pacing reborn in smaller circles until the door swung open to a bare wolf with a towel snug around his hips. His skin damp and pink, making her flush.


“H-hey,” he said, his voice deep but sweet.

“Hey.” Discomfort bloomed silence between them. What had she come for? “Ooh, I mean hi. Um. Is…is this a bad time?”

“No.” Mark smiled at his feet and shook his head. “I’ll get dressed if you want to come in.”

Did he have to?

They seemed stuck until he backed out of the way.


Everything’s normal here.

Following, she closed the door, taking her time to keep from ogling him so hard. “Are you home alone?”

In the middle of the living room, his hand gripped the front of his towel, seemingly at a loss for what to do next. Had he never had company himself?

“Brad’s on an errand with Legend. He should be back in a few hours.” He looked around the empty room before he seemed to remember how naked he was.

Ari bit her lip, hanging onto the chair by the door and anchoring herself to the spot. She might tear off that towel and take him through a Brooklyn rodeo if she let go.

“Right. I’ll go grab some…clothes.”

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