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Calling Through The Fog

grey-front-w352Serial book-doer E.L. James has done it again. Grey has hit the shelves with a squelchy thud, and this time the world of not-BDSM, where non-people do not-plot things to and with each other, is told from Christian Grey’s perspective.

Cleverly, the book is called Grey, because it’s about Christian Grey but it’s also from his viewpoint, and Grey is his surname, so, because the book is about him, the title matches his name, which is what he calls himself.

But the real genius of this shift in the narrator’s focus is that it opens up the possibility of an almost infinite number of sequels. And so, to celebrate this milestone in publishing, and to honour the least interesting character in literary history, it is my pleasure to offer you a taste of what is to come…

Grey from the perspective of Grey’s left slipper

I cannot deny it…

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