I thought I’d revisit Phea’s story, “Maiden of the Underworld,” as I prepare for its publication this fall!


Atlantis 8021 BC--Phea's Novella

Part One, Chapter One

Atlantis 8021 BC

Phea sat collecting crystals off the shores of the Inner Harbour. Her half sisters and half brother ran through the gentle waves of clear blue water. The small, leather sack beside her was half full, and she still hadn’t found any Dioptase.

The Dioptase would prove helpful in Phea’s nightly meditation, since the intensely green crystal could be used to plant the seed of productivity in one’s life.

She hoped to make a visit to the Central Island in a couple of nights. Crehon’s Temple, the biggest of the temples gathered in the center of the great city, was where Phea traveled to Jydios—the god of war and brute strength and yumminess.

Phea sighed and wiggled her toes in the soft mud of her extracting hole. She pulled a common yellow crystal and rinsed it in the clear water. She held it up…

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