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Thick air pressed in on me, diluted only by small wisps of breeze and the scent of jasmine in the night air. Earlier in the night, I lit fire to a bowl of dried jasmine to calm the child within my belly. The night was warm enough, and my contractions frequent enough that I could not find sleep, even nestled in the strong circle of my husband’s arms.

My hair twirled teasing strands around my naked body as I stood with the moonlight, bathed in its power, which set my pale skin aglow. The moon swelled to a hair’s breath of being as full and round as my belly. My child would arrive soon. I found the anticipation unbearable. We had waited for a child since the night we laid together after our hand fasting, on the night of my twelfth birthday. Two days hence, I turn seventeen, old for my first child. I had thought myself barren.

He awoke. The bed rustled behind me in our tiny home. Seconds later, his wide warm arms wrapped around my shoulder and cradled my belly. His lips danced against the curve of my neck, sending small sexy shivers along my spine. Our child kicked at his hand, greeting his father. Satisfaction slipped over me. This would be the first child of, hopefully, many.

My husband took me by the hand and led me out into the silvery light, skyclad. His sapphire eyes made my body warm, the reaction to an innate mating call. I followed him in small wobbling steps, past our fire pit, and into the woods. A small, soft circle of grass greeted my bare feet with the gentle whisper of a song. Gene pulled me to the center of the clearing and helped me to sit with an arm around my hips and his hand over mine.

He walked to the far edge of the woods, reached within the brush, and stepped back to my side with a white marble bowl in his hands, our ceremonial bowl. Gene set it beside me and sat by my other side. Reaching his hand across my hips, he pulled my body onto his. His shaft lay hard against the swollen underside of my womb.

I straddled and rubbed my sex against him. His length bubbled need within me. With the slow movement of my hips, I took him inside my body and moaned at the way he stretched me to accommodate him.

Gene gently pushed his hips up to meet mine, pressed against my cervix, making my body convulse. His hips fell back to the grass, and he reached for the marble bowl. The deep curve of the marble collected a salve to prevent undue harm to both the baby and myself. Almond, black haw, wild lettuce, cinnamon, peppermint, and lavender swirled around my senses. Gene dipped three fingers into the soupy mix and spread a glob across the top of my belly.

I pressed my hips against his, and he shuttered beneath me.

He pushed back in small circles. His bow-shaped mouth smiling up at me. “Behave, Colista.”

The salve dripped over my navel, sending fuzzy little tingles through my flesh. The baby kicked against Gene’s hand as he spread the dizzy smell over me. He traced the symbol fehu, for good health, love fulfilled, and good fortune; uruz, for physical and mental strength, fertility, and new beginnings; gebo, for love, partnership, and luck; jera, for reaping rewards from seeds sown in the past, and joy and celebration; sowilo, for wholeness, light, energy, and victory; berkanan, for growth and new life; ingwaz, for unity, love, and peace; and othila, for home and family.

My whole body lightened with power, glowing from the inside. Gene grabbed my hips roughly, holding me above him as he finally thrust himself inside of me in a rhythm that made me quake. Oh Goddess, how could a man still feel as good inside me as he did the first time. I tried to meet his thrusts with my own, but he held me immobile with firm hands.

Freeing my hip of his right hand, Gene rubbed my cleft. I flung my head back, moaning, and my heavy breasts tightened with need. He finally allowed me to ride him free of restraint. I thrust myself against him so hard it hurt, but the pleasure rode the pain away. My life’s aura spread, embracing my husband beneath me. My sex spasmed and quivered around his length. I fell over onto my hands, panting as the explosion over took my legs and hips and sex. Gene shuddered with in me, sending an echo of my orgasm through me.

Pain enveloped me as my swollen belly shook. I gasped at the sharp, penetrating slivers tearing at my stomach. I screamed wordlessly at the moon. Gene rolled me onto my back.

“Breathe, Colista. Breathe. The Goddess has heard us and will make us wait no longer.” He brushed his hand across my forehead, smoothing away the hair from my eyes.

Chapter One coming soon!  

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