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All about your Dad

How old is your dad?

He’s like hundreds of years old. He tells me lots and lots of stories. And he’d have to had lived a long time to have all of those. <She giggles.> Grammy and Grampy are ancient…


What is Dad’s favorite sport to play?

I know he likes to run and hit things. Is there a sport for that?

What is Dad’s favorite food?

Daddy makes a lot of steak, nice and red in the center. I like that, too.

How strong is your Dad?

Oh my Gosh. Daddy is super strong. He can still throw me with one arm.

Where does your Dad work?

He works with a tribe. They won’t tell me about it, but I know it’s a special kind of work with how much it makes him gone a lot, sometimes real sad or mad, too.

What is Dad’s favorite TV show?

I don’t know. He usually watches boring stuff on the History Channel and tries to show me stuff. The pretty places I like, but I don’t pay attention to the rest of it.

What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?

He takes me fishing and lets me get dirty.  I like baking cookies and cakes with Daddy and when he sits to watch my cartoons with me, he cuddles me up on him and rubs my back.

How tall is your Dad?

Daddy is like seven feet tall. He’s BIG.

What do you like best about your Dad?

I like how silly he is. Sometimes, I wonder how he can be serious.  But I like that about him, too.  He does good for other people, like when he was a soldier, but now, I like the most that he is home every night to tuck me in, even if I’m already asleep.  And he reads me bed time stories when he’s home to and does all the voices…even the princess.

What is your Dad’s first name?

Severins, although Uncle Dev calls him Wolf a lot, and I’ve heard that from other grown-ups. So maybe one is his middle name…