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All about My Mom

How old is your Mom?

She’s like I don’t know…thirty? She’s not old yet.

What is your Mom’s favorite color?

Black! I know that one ‘cause Momma is always wearing black with everything. It’s something about a neutral or whatever that means.

What is your Mom’s favorite food?

Whatever Daddy makes for her. <whispers.> Momma makes a good PB&J sandwich but that’s about it…

How tall is your Mom?

Um…like five foot? Much shorter than Daddy and Uncle Dev. That’s for sure.

What is her favorite TV show?

Something called the Mentalist…there’s crazy guy on it that sees things like Aunt Shy does sometimes.

What time does your Mom wake up in the morning?

Super early. But she is up a lot for Trae. He likes to eat. She makes time to drive me to school.

What does your Mom do while you’re at school?

She takes care of the triplets. But I think she used to read a lot. We have lots of books in our house. I can’t wait to read them.

What is your Mom’s first name?

Momma’s name is Kaia. Daddy told me before she took me to Disney World.

What do you like best about your mom?

How she always gives me big hugs and kisses, and she tucks me in and brushes my hair, and she even lets me pick out my own things for the room.