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The Ôkami is a fanged, humanoid monster.  They hunt and feed on humans, generally preferring a certain type.  To kill an Ôkami, a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto priest must be used to stab the monster seven times.

These creatures gained their name from Japanese lore, meaning “wolf” or “great god” and are believed to be extinct. However, lore often associated the wolf with both the mountain and the mountain deity, yama no kami, and were thought to be both benevolent and malevolent, although these animals were the most frightening of the mountain. The wolf is considered the standard by which scariness is measured.

Many of the tales of the Ôkami say they are both evil and serving as an escort for the good.  Some believe they are easily distracted with rice cakes and the tossing of a sandal, while others believe that merely making the mistake of falling in the woods would warrant the Ôkami to eat the traveler.

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