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I am not quite sure how to share a blog post from Squidoo onto here, but I posted the link under this paragraph. My name, and my group on Facebook have been given mention in this post.  And I want to thank her for the support I hope that more people come to follow, read, and interact with the charries who play.


We are a fairly small and tightly knit group and time is tight, so if do follow and there is someone you enjoy and miss, give them a shout out on the public page to let the players know you want to hear from them, and they’ll know to make time to come back out to write.

Broken World Public Page Link

Rping is truly a guilty pleasure for me. I get to fiddle with my characters and set them in situations I wouldn’t normally.  It’s a continuous writing exercise and has given me complex characters that I would have never known or taken decades to know as well as I do because of Facebook and my writing partners.