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Welcome, Boden, thank you so much for agreeing to answer some questions for me tonight.

Is my pleasure, girl.  Thank you for snacks.

You’re welcome, Boden.  So, what’s the fascination with shoes?

Was apprentice for royal shoemaker.  Is big deal, very special job for such young boy as me.  I was honored.  Had talent for them.

 Can you cook?

Some meat and small breads.  I am not so good at.  Better at shoes.

What are your intentions with Ria?  Do you want little red headed babies with Ria? (Notes his throaty yet melodic laughter.)

Only good intentions.  If she could have, yes I would want.  Many.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Ruining good coffee with things that do not belong.

How did you meet James?

Vinur.  He was at first place I moved to from Iceland.  We cross paths. Quickly made allies. I do not like his djöfullinn kona and aid him at fighting from freedom.

What brought you to America?

Break down.  I do not want to talk about.

Do you miss home?

Yes.  Not so much now with prinsessa.

What is your earliest memory?

Is of my little sister, Eydís, born from my mother.

Do you ever lie? (Silence accompanied by a smile).  A smile is not an answer I’m afraid.

Is answer enough for question.

What are you most afraid to lose?

Am most afraid to lose ástin mín.  Is my job to protect her.

Is there a difference between making love, having sex and fucking and which do you prefer?

Of course is difference.  I make love in sensual way.

I imagine you do.  Thank you so much for coming and clearing out my Thanksgiving leftovers.

The book Boden is featured in, Blood Phoenix, will be coming out this winter.  In the meantime, go visit his Facebook page!