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Hey there, James.  Thanks for joining me today.  Hope I’m not imposing on your workday too much.

My pleasure, bella.  Anything to take a break with a beautiful woman.

You know what they say about flattery, James.  So let’s start with one of the big ones.  What’s your view on vampire-human relationships?

What about them?  We feed from them.  We fornicate with them.  And we kill them.  That’s all we are allowed to have.  There is no need to ponder about our relations other than within those contexts.

Is that you talking or your boss, Phea, talking?

Is there a difference?

Right. Shifting gears then.  What do you think your greatest accomplishment is?

Ah. Hmm. My son.  He was my greatest accomplishment.  Nothing trumps that.

What was the hardest part of your humanity to give up?

Do you really need to ask, bella?

I don’t suppose I do, but let me reframe that.  What part of your human personality was hardest to give up?

My human morals.

Ah, yes. Those are important. So, if you could say any one thing to Phea, without fear of any kind of repercussions at all, what would it be?

I’ve pretty much said everything I will ever say to that…woman.  She knows how I feel, even when she denies it.

How would you feel if you had in a past life been horrifyingly evil to Phea?

I’d say that I’m making up for it now, and it would have to be pretty bad for everything I’ve endured to be just plain old Karma.

Are you happy?

Well that’s a leap of a question.  Sometimes.  Same as everyone else.

Yeah, I can be random sometimes. How old were you when you had your first proper date, and did you kiss her? (Noting his soft laughter and easy smile.)

I was ten when I started courting Bianca, my wife.  And no, I did not get my first kiss then. I wasn’t so sly back then.

Oh, I somehow doubt that. Okay. If you were instantly changed into a woman, what would you do for the day?

I wouldn’t leave one thing untouched in the house…

Oh God.  And the wink sealed that one.  Thanks so much, James, for letting me bug you today.

The book James is featured in, Blood Phoenix, will be coming out this winter.  In the meantime, go visit his Facebook page!