Hey there, Ria. Thanks for joining me and letting me ask you some questions.

No problem.  Whatcha got for me?


How would you describe your childhood in general?

Um, well, I’d like to say normal, but I don’t think it really was looking back at it.  I lived with my Grammie and Papa.  They were good to me.  I didn’t know either of my parents.  Mom died giving birth to me, and I never knew my dad.  But Grammie and Papa took care of me. I didn’t want for anything until after they were gone. 


So, I heard that you are quite powerful.  Where did you learn your skills and abilities?

Oh shit.  I guess I am, sorta.  Most of that is in the blood.  Genes and vamp blood and what not.  But when I was a human, or whatever I was, my Grammie enrolled me in kickboxing so I’d know how to defend myself and shit.  Sorry, you mind if I swear?  It’s a hard habit to break.

Doesn’t bother me a bit.

Sweet. Thanks.  Well, she got me in those classes for most of high school. Three years of it.  And she had me in ballet for a while, which helps me sometimes with my coordination, but I was never really any good at it. Ari though, that’s her thing.  She burns up the floor.  It’s part of the reason she’s always surrounded by men.  She wanted to be a ballerina her whole life.


What about you?  What did you want to be when you grew up?

Oh God, I wanted to be a writer. You believe that? As little as I have in my life, that’s what I wanted.  To write about vamps too, go figure.  Now I am one.


Well, maybe you can write one some day.  It would at least be accurate.

Oh yeah.  I’ve been asking for a fucking manual since I was made.


On a lighter note, what is your favorite song and why?

This one’s easy.  I have two right now.  The first is Moves Like Jagger by Maroon Five. Have you seen the video?  Adam Levine without his shirt on… Very yummy.  But seriously, the words to it kind of resonate with me.  And you should see Boden dance to that song.  It’s both the cutest and hottest thing… I mean… Yeah.  And my other is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.  I like the way they dance in that.  I swear Boden dances like a mix of Jagger and a mix of shuffling…


Speaking of Boden, and men in general, have you ever been in love or had a broken heart?

Fuck me… I mean, well, yeah…who hasn’t?


Fair enough.  Well what about your love life right now?  Are you dating anyone?

Um, kind of. I think.  If you can call it that.  I have Boden, and it’s kind of complicated because I only get to see him a little bit, and we’re usually fighting some other kind of creature or situation.  And there’s James, my maker.  But he’s taken, and he’s mine… and… like I said, it’s complicated.


Okay, I won’t belabor this any longer: one last question.  If you could have any skill or power, what would it be?

Oh yeah, I know what that one would be.  I wish I could keep myself out of fucking trouble.  That’s a skill I want to learn and quick.


Thank you Ria for taking the time to come talk to me.

Her book, Blood Phoenix, should be coming out this winter.  In the meantime, go visit her Facebook page!