In the human world, Ari lived with her bestfriend, Ria. They both had to work two jobs to stay afloat, well, when she wasn’t stripping. She grew up in Brooklyn as the second oldest of three girls and a boy, where she was ignored for the majority of her life. And when she left them, she dreamt of being a dancer.

Now, she has entered the world of the supernatural, of vampires and werewolves and other creatures she couldn’t even begin to imagine, and her best friend is one of them. Ari has been claimed as a human, and thus claimed by her best friend’s mentor, Eugene. But she stays out of the way the best she can, instead surrounding herself with the human males at the facility they are kept at, them and a wolf that seems to keep the other creatures at bay. And for some reason, she can’t bring herself to treat him as she does the other boys…

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